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     Shandong national sports equipment Co., Ltd. is located in the capital of China's logistics. It is a basketball stand manufacturer and outdoor fitness equipment manufacturer, the largest wholesale market in Jiangbei, Shandong Province, Linyi city. The company was established in 2009, with a registered capital of 50 million 180 thousand yuan. The company has a combination of R & D, production, sales and installation. "Giore" has been recognized as a famous brand in China's market, famous brand in China and ten influential brands of Chinese sports equipment. The company is now a member of the China Sports Goods Federation, a member of the China Education Equipment Industry Association, the standing member of the sports equipment branch of the China Education Equipment Industry Association, the member unit of the Shandong educational equipment industry association, the member unit of the China Musical Instrument Association, the provincial heavy contract and credit protection unit, and the national sincerity. The letter is a civilized merchant. As the designated inspection unit of the national sports goods quality supervision and inspection center, the company has been certified by ISO9001, ISO14001 and GB/T28001 management system. All outdoor equipment have not purchased product quality insurance, product liability insurance and public liability insurance. The company has been working hard to improve its own capacity of production and service. The company has more than 100 advanced production equipment, including imported full automatic spraying line, large sand blasting equipment, and more than 100 sets of equipment, including school sports equipment, indoor and outdoor fitness equipment, track and field equipment, table tennis feather equipment, gymnastic equipment, Wushu equipment, and music apparatus. Materials, art equipment, sanitary equipment and sports facilities can meet various types of product services such as schools, enterprises, units, families and individuals. Under the guidance of "scientific and technological innovation, leading market, people-oriented, honesty first", by virtue of its strong resources and technical advantages, a series of logistics, sales and service networks all over the country have been established. The series of fine appearance, superior quality and reasonable price have won more and more new and old guests for the company.  The favor of the household has established a good social reputation and a strong promotion of the continuous, healthy, rapid and stable development of the enterprise, which has laid a good foundation for the casting of famous brands of the country. Corporate spirit: a stop means being eliminated! In the future, the company will adhere to this spirit of struggle, constantly research and develop new products, and step up publicity efforts, and strive to become a new carrier in the sporting goods industry.


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